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Welcome to the London Musicians’ Association

Featuring musicians of all genres, teachers of all instruments, local music news and events, the London Musicians’ Association is a non-profit organization with an objective to provide its members with services and support to maximize success in the music business.

We are an association of musicians living in SW Ontario who perform on local and international stages. Our affiliation with the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada provides LMA members with representation thoughout North America. We are dedicated to establishing and maintaining professional standards, ethics and fees in the music industry.

Musician Booking Referral

LMA Music Services

Find the right musicians for your event or project easy and stress free. Our diverse membership provide a wide variety of music styles on demand. Their experience and professionalism removes the difficulties associated with hiring live music. Or if you’re interested in learning how to play music we have many accomplished teachers that play a wide variety of instruments.



Information, documents and resources for the music business

American Work Visas

LMA Members have access to US Work Permits for touring and Showcase visas for events like SXSW in Austin, TX. We also provide assistance with tour preparations like IRS withholding and carnet manifests, plus support from AFM locals throughout North America.


Music Performance Fund

Contact our office for access to the Music Performance Fund which provides co-funding for live music throughout SW Ontario. Through MPF funding the LMA supports a variety of local programs including Jazz for the People and the Springbank Gardens Concert Series.


Music Services

In addition to the LMA’s online musician/teacher request and booking referral, the AFM provides services for the freelance musician or group including AFM Entertainment and GoPro for international exposure.


Instrument & Liability

HUB Insurance provides LMA members with affordable instrument and liability coverage. American Income Life provides a $3000 AD&D benefit free to LMA members.


Performance Contracts

LMA members have access to AFM Live Performance  and Recording contracts for Canada and the United States that will be defended by the AFM in the event of default.


Musicians Pension Fund

The Musicians’ Pension Fund of Canada is one of the largest pension funds in the entertainment industry. Every year, tens of millions of dollars are paid out to musicians who have made use of this benefit.

Live Music Community

LMA Supported Events

Jazz for the People

Live jazz at the Wolf Performance Hall 7-9pm on the last Wednesday of the month. Co-sponsored by  the Music Performance Fund .


Springbank Gardens Concert Series

Summer Sundays 2-4pm featuring a diversity of exceptional local groups. Co-sponsored by the the Music Performance Fund.


Forest City London Music Awards

Working closely with the organizers of our city's awards show featuring the best of London's musicians, providing professional advice for local musicians.


Wortley Village Jazz & Blues Festival

End of the summer music street festival co-sponsored by the Music Performance Fund.


International Musician Magazine & LMA News

"loud fast words" includes the complete lyrics from over 40 years of songwriting from @soulasylum lead singer and Local 30-73 member Dave Pirner. The book includes firsthand commentary from Pirner, reflecting on every album and song from his repertoire.

The Player Conferences Council (PCC) consists of the top elected leader of each Player Conference. The PCC has begun weekly videoconference meetings to discuss both issues specific to each group as well as common issues among all groups.

Karen Schnackenberg of @dfwmusicians has been principal librarian of the @DallasSymphony for 30 years. Even during the pandemic, she explains that orchestra librarians are still hard at work rolling out parts to players finish the season.

Husband and wife duo Duo Tachoir of @nashmusicians have release their new album "Shades of Blue". The album features a selection of original, eclectic jazz compositions for piano and vibraphone infused with blues influences.

During this time of social distancing, many musicians are finding supplemental income by teaching online music lessons to existing students and encouraging others adults and children alike to pick up an instrument. "While we wait, be creative."

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An American politician working to minimize musicians' streaming royalties.

https://thetrichordist.com/2018/07/22/6-oregon-musicians-that-would-make-a-better-senator-than-ron-wyden-and-never-had-hedge-fund-in-basement/ https://thetrichordist.com/2018/07/22/6-oregon-musicians-that-would-make-a-better-senator-than-ron-wyden-and-never-had-hedge-fund-in-basement/

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LMA Artists & Articles

Articles about LMA members, and topics important to local musicians..
Springbank Concert Series Cancelled for 2020

Springbank Concert Series Cancelled for 2020

In light of the recent Covid 19 pandemic and out of respect for the health of our fellow citizens, the London Musicians Association (Local 279 of the Canadian Federation of Musicians) has decided to cancel this years Springbank Gardens Concert Series.Since August...

Difficult Times For Musicians

Difficult Times For Musicians

We at the LMA have a lot of musicians asking me about financial aid for full-time players. For AFM/CFM members there is many resources to go to but there is also help for non-members as well. This link will give you a starting point.CFM

LMA Office Is Moving

LMA Office Is Moving

The LMA office is moving within the next 10 days of early March to the 3rd floor of the Boys and Girls Club at 184 Horton St E, London, ON N6B 1K8. Doug Eyre our Secretary Treasurer will be running out of a new office there to attend to any LMA needs you might have or...

Office Location & Hours

107 Duchess Avenue, London, ON, N6C 1N7


11:00am – 3:00pm

PHONE: 519-685-2540

AFM 24-Hour Emergency Assistance


Within Canada:

CFM Office: 1-800-INFOFED (1-800-463-6333)

Within the USA:

AFM Office 1-800-ROADGIG (1-800-762-3444)


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